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The Hair Palace 
South End of the Building
 Facing Knox Street

Your One-Stop Shop for Laundry, Hair, Nails & Tanning

Exceptional Hair and Nail Services

The Hair Palace Salon And Tanning 

Why Choose Us?

Since 1981, Laundry World & The Hair Palace has been providing Clinton, OK and the surrounding areas with quality, affordable laundry, hair, tanning, and nail services.

We are a self-service laundromat with a full-service beauty salon in the same building for your convenience. Pamper yourself with our hair, nail and tanning services. If multi-tasking is your thing then you can also be getting all of your laundry done at the same time!
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While you are doing your laundry, we can provide you with any hair service, manicures, pedicures and tanning. We also have a full gift shop for you to browse including items from jewelry to hand made soaps.
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